That classic country feeling. A voice with a roughly cracking break to it. The ever slightest twang. Not overdone, but just enough grit to make you feel the words. That’s Gar Clemens. 

The title track off of Clemens’ latest has that off Broadway honky tonk vibe. The song thats played well after midnight as the stragglers and folks who don’t want to go home quite yet slowly flows out over the crowd and percolates something inside them to get up and slowly two step as the lights flicker for last call. 

Starin’ blue at the full buck moon 
A second floor motel room 
It’s my best guess 
I’m best to bet 
That the night is nowhere near through 

Gar has that restrained confidence in his singing and arrangement style. Its the sound that catches your ear when you enter a room and washes over you to let you know that this bar was the right one to stumble into as he and the band gently elicit your body to sway to the steady rhythm and twangy electric guitar embellishments. This is the good stuff folks. Listen up. Raise a glass. And get this record.